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For Sale: Princeton Reverb Clone by Winfield Amps


New Build using a Nujwut chassis and face plates. Finger-jointed pine cabinet, Vintage Deluxe size Output transformer, Eminence legend 12" speaker

Not a Fender, but a clone as noted on the tube chart.

Hand-wired like the original but with a bias adjustment pot. The Ground switch is now a standby switch.

$1050 plus shipping.




Good thing it has a 12. I like it.


For anyone not familiar with Winnie's work, it is first rate!


beautiful handmade repro +

all the recent/current special edition circuit board fender pr versions with 12", go for more!!



Another thumbs up for Winnie and the fine amps he makes. I love my Typhoon.


Will this amp break up at about the same level as a vintage blackface Princeton Reverb with the larger Deluxe transformer that you installed? I'm interested, as this looks very well made and I like the Eminence speaker. I don't want to play too loud, as I already have a real '64 Deluxe Reverb, so I'm looking for a lower volume alternative to that.

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