Gretsch Garage Sale

For Sale: PLAYBOY Amp G6156


Well. The transmission went bad in the cruiser. Hate it but guess I'll sell the Playboy amp to help pay for it.

Nice and clean. It's been in the office and at the Nashville Roundup. Replaced the power supply a few years ago. Runs nice and quiet. Has the tremolo switch pedal and the Gretsch slip cover.

Snapped a photo as evidence that it actually exists...for thems what haven't seen it in person.

$1150 plus shipping of your choice. That seems to make sense.


Oh No -- Sorry that you are in this position, Steve. Here's hoping some other fate opens up for you so that you don't have to part with your Playboy.


Yes, ready for 2020 to be hindsight.


Good thing you're a bit wishy washy about letting this go. 2 weeks ago I'd be all over this Kinda went in that direction w/ the Allen his version of a brown vibrolux .


Why does this stuff always come up for sale when I JUST spent money on something else big???

Great amp, good price, I'd buy if I could. Good luck with the sale!

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