Gretsch Garage Sale

For Sale Nocturne and other effect Pedals


Up for sale are several pedals. I bought these all new and am just clearing out items I'm likely never going to use in the band I'm in now. This gets me some cash to close out some stuff. USA only, and I would consider a trade for a newer Atomic Brain as a trade for something. Outside of that, not really interested in other pedals. Tavo makes killer stuff. Know you are getting a great pedal. None of these have been really gigged with and should last you years. I've only had some of these a few weeks/ months and are basically like new for less and available right now. let's go, save some dough! I have more pictures. Let me know.

Nailhead Trem with Clean Boost- $150 plus shipping Fuzz Ray- $190 plus shipping Seltzerado Fuzz,with dice- $265 plus shipping El Pescadoro reverb and preamp- $260 plus shipping Mystery Brain preamp and delay/echo - $325 plus shipping Planet Waves chromatic Tuner pedal-$20 plus shipping


If you can talk about the differences about the two, how does the nailhead compare to a Fulltone Supratone?

I may be interested in that.


I’ll take the tuner. Can you PM me your PayPal?

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