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For Sale: Gretsch G6122-1959 Nashville Classic (2004)


I am selling my G6122-1959 to pick up a Setzer model. It is listed on eBay at:

*I replaced the original Bigsby® stationary arm vibrato tailpiece with a NEW Bigsby® stationary arm vibrato tailpiece. In addition, I replaced the original gold plated Rocker Bridge with a new Brass Tru-Arc 12” radius rocker bridge. Both were upgraded this month. I will include the original parts in this sale.

Oh, I have a 100% seller rating on eBay for ALL of my 495 transactions including several high-end guitars.




You're killin' me. Nice guitar and a great price IMO. Someone buy this!!!

arcangel6 said: The guitar arrived today and all I can say is OH MY GOD! I have literally owned over 120 guitars in my lifetime and I had no idea Gretsch produce guitars of this quality! WOW, sorry did I say that already? Up to this point, I thought the finest neck on any guitar I owned was a Benedetto Bambino. The'59 is most definitely in that league 'neck-wise'. The sound sets it apart completely. I went ahead and ordered the Tru-Arc Bridges from Proteus. I am soo looking forward to playing this thing!!!!

Just curious -- What changed your mind about the '59? To each his own, but selling it at a loss in order to buy a Setzer doesn't make sense to me.

Don't take this as a personal thing -- I'm just curious about your decision.


Yeah, I'm curious too. That guitar has been praised to high heaven on this site. What didn't work for you?

... it sure sold quickly!


Aw a sad thing for me to see this posting a day too late... I tried one of these guys out just yesterday (with a price tag brand new of ~$3000 CAD) and it flipped my lid. The only thing I didn't care for was the stationary arm, but you seemed to have remedied that - dang. Well, even if I had seen it in time, I'm not sure I would have purchased, as I'm still in the midst of my "research".

I must say, I'm equally curious to know what made you decide to give it up. It's none of my business, I realize, so I can't reasonably expect you to answer... Like Senojnad said, to each his own.


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