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For Sale Gretsch early Wedge style Duo Jet pickguard


Four ply W/b/w/b material that I get from Chandler guitars. I have two of these avail. $45 shipped in conusa - $50 worldwide


No holes drilled so you can custom fit it on a vintage Jet, Pro Jet, RI Jet etc. Made to vintage specs


Hey there! I know that this is an ancient thread, but do you happen to have any silver-backed or black guards (with Gretsch logo) that would fit on a pre-FMIC Jet with FilterTrons?

I'm in need of one of those...


Hi Cm, I don’t. I’m sorry.

I still have a white wedge shaped one though.


CM - not sure if this fits what you're looking for, but I have Mike at Quickguards doing this one for me in black pearloid which I intend to put on a 6128 PE

On his site, it's a replica for the Roundup pickguard. I thought it would work as more of the 50's wedge style, and Mike was willing to do it in a material other than the tortoise as well as drop the curved Gretsch logo on it . . . and no steer head


Thanks, Setzer! I may reach out on that one...trying to see what will go with the top on this one. Spretschen - thanks to you as well. The QuickGuards stuff looks good as well. I need to figure out which template would fit (still waiting on the guitar to arrive).

You guys all rock! Chris

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