Gretsch Garage Sale

SOLD>>>>>> 2014 6120DE


Any interest in my MINT Duane Eddy? Was purchased brand new from SS along with a White Falcon a few weeks later so it's been sitting patiently waiting for a new home. I became a little attached to the Falcon so someone else needs this one. Absolute MINT condition, non smoking, never gigged or left the house. Includes case, all case candy with certificate. Won't get any newer than this, unless you just want to spend the extra cash to say you're the original owner


If I didn't already have a DSW, I'd nab this in a heartbeat. Great deal on a great guitar!


Thanks Mark, I love it but just don't play it since getting the Falcon.


Beautiful guitar. If I had the dough (which I don't, BTW... but I did buy a lottery ticket today), would you consider shipping to Norway?



You had a buyer months ago and walked away from the deal over PayPal fees.


Does that little smiley face mean it’s gone?


Does that little smiley face mean it’s gone?

– Retireddawg

nope.... lol... It's just slowly ageing... becoming better.

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