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Really clean guitar.Post Fender spec.with alnico filtertrons.I replaced the headstock plate with a Chet Atkins Country Gentleman plate.Currently strung with .010 set roundwounds but sure sounds good with Thomastik flats .010.Really nice sounding and playing instrument.This guitar doesn't have mutes.I view this as a plus.Fewer things to rattle around.Original excellent condition gretsch case included.$1200.00


No photos? It is hard to demonstrate what a great guitar it is unless you also post some photographs.


Sorry I haven't posted in a long time and failed in my attempt to add photos to my listing.I clicked on the camera icon,took seversl photos but they didn't appear.I then tried editing my listing and thought that would allow me to add photos.No dice.What am I doing wrong?I am using my phone.Help!


There are two ways to post a photograph on the GDP:

  • If photographs are hosted somewhere else online, you can simply copy the URL for where the photograph appears on that site and paste that into the posting box and your photo will appear. You don't need to do anything about its formatting as the GDP's infrastructure will do that for you automatically. You may post as many photograph links into a single post as you wish. If you are using a site like PhotoBucket (I know that they are no longer allowing linking, but a site like it, still the same), use the "direct" link.

  • If you want to upload a photograph from your phone, tablet, or computer, you click on the yellow camera icon and you are prompted to locate an already existing file containing the photograph. Then click the "Open" button and your photo will upload. Please note the following about when you upload a photo to the GDP (rather than linking to a photo elsewhere on the internet):

A. You may only upload one photograph per post. If you have multiple photographs, you will need to create a new post (not a new thread) for each photo.

B. Each photo must be accompanied by text of some kind. If you don't have anything to say about a photograph and merely want to post it, then just type a period (".") in the posting box as a placeholder and your photo should still upload.


Jonathan sent you a message.Reach me at the address given.Thanks.


This is still available.It's a really nice guitar.$1200.00 +50.00 shipping.Paypal works.Thanks.


I am a little bit surprised that this guitar hasn't received more interest than this. Granted, it is a transition year model, but I have a 2003 model year guitar and FMIC knew what they were doing right from the start.

Former GDP member Shelton sold one of these several years ago for a higher price than what Eric is asking for his.

Perhaps some more and clearer photographs in better lighting would show off this guitar more attractively.

[I have no affiliation with this seller or the sale.]


That's a hell of a lot of guitar for $1200. Just sayin....(no affiliation)


I don't want to give it away.This is only a bit more than the electromatics.I might have to try to sell elsewhere.


I don't want to give it away.This is only a bit more than the electromatics.I might have to try to sell elsewhere.

– eric billingsley

You have this priced so cheap and have not gotten any interest demonstrated for it. So, I would take it elsewhere and push the price up a bit.

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