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1956 6120 (“PATCHES”) - SOLD


So, I've decided it’s time to let this lovely one go… the legendary “Patches”…. While I’ve loved this guitar a lot, she’s not getting much play time at all since I have two other 50’s Gretsches that I play regularly. I’m also tired of not clearing off some old debts, so after 5 (?) years of ownership I think it’s time this one found a new owner who will play it more and give it a good home.

Those of you who know the history of this guitar know it’s strictly a player 6120 — a grimy-patina’d history book of hard roads, hepcats and honky-tonks. Which of course makes it a VERY fine player.

On the plus side:

  • It’s a very reliable guitar — I’ve gigged with it and played it a lot. All the issues have been sorted, so it’s ready to go.

  • It’s from the slightly rare batch of (transitional) ’56 6120s, which came with a G brand and hump block markers. Coolness!

  • It's hands down got the best neck of any guitar I’ve ever played. Perfect taper (at least for me) and very smooth and low action. If you like ‘50s necks you will love this one.

  • I should also mention that the neck was beautifully reset by Curt, and it upped the playability and really improved the overall resonance and sound.

  • It is 95% original (the bar bridge being the only non-56 feature AFAIK)

  • The Dynasonic pickups are both strong. The bridge pickup has more bite than usual.

  • The guitar is acoustically super-resonant, very light, yet doesn’t suffer from feed back (there’s a tone post)

On the minus side:

  • There’s that patch, oh well. Not visible from stage though.

  • An old, messy headstock repair where a previous owner snapped it. The actual repair is holding quite well (A+), but cosmetically the job is a C+

Accepting offers here for a week or three, and then it will go up on eBay,, the Gear Page, etc.


It's namesake... formerly a "bare-wood" rectangle. Maybe it should get a plaque that size that reads "Patches"


The strong-but-less-than-cosmettically-stellar headstock repair


Last one for now — the greatest neck ever sure has seen some playing.

More pics available, jus PM me.




If it goes to Reverb, eBay, etc. I'll post it in the neighborhood of $7,500 — obviously that's shooting high, so it will be priced significantly lower for anyone here. Open to offers.


Very sorry that you are letting that go, Paul! It's a great guitar. I loved playing it and remember that I couldn't put it down. A very good sign!


I'd trade you a 2003 suburban.


I'd trade you a 2003 suburban.

Thanks for the offer Dave, assuming you're serious However, I already have wheels... need cash.


UK Shipping?

– gretschcrush

I might could do that. Haven't done it before, so I am not sure what all is involved.


SITES aside, deliver to, say UPS, pick expensive deluxe überfast option, done.

Colorado to my door in less than 60 hours


Ah, Patches. A very cool guitar with GDP pedigree.

I wish I could, but sadly I can’t.


I’m going to run out and buy a lottery ticket. I’ll let you know.


I am. But not a great deal for you. I'd have to throw something else in. Good luck with your sale


Sucks that you are selling this. Sucks more that I can't buy it. Good luck. I guess you don't need a Harley.


Battle-scarred and proud, a guitar that has been through the looking glass and lived to tell about it. With the neck work Paul reports, that makes this a dialed-in players dream. She's got another 25 years of rocking in her for sure!


PMs sent. Received? jdjimmy at Verizon dot net


Hey Jim, I did receive, thanks... just wrote back.


Way outta my guitar budget, and I need to learn to play the ones I've got already, but I can attest, this thing sounds great and has a killer vibe. You just know it's seen it all.


Damn, Paul. I love playing that guitar! Best of luck with the sale.


SOLD - to one of our own, and a local GDP'er at that! (jams, in this thread).

I'll miss Patches, but I'm glad this old beauty found a nice home. We hope to be seeing Jim and Patches at a future roundup 'round these parts.

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