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Fender FR-51 resonator bass SOLD MAN SOLD


A YouTube video (I don't believe that this is DCBirdman. Offered merely to demonstrate how they sound since I was curious.).

I was somehow anticipating a stronger resonator tone. As you say, it sounds more like an acoustic bass.


No, that's not me. It really does well as an upright sound (at least w/ fat tape wound strings) but the resonator pickup is thin, just a novelty sound but can add to the main sound. The Beard Gold Tone reso bass doesn't even have a resonator pickup.

So, yea in a sense it's for show but it has saved the day for acoustic roots situation where Tweaky Acoustic Dudes don't want a solid body electric bass -- a tool of the devil -- but an upright is just not going to fit/and feeds back etc. I am just not that much of an acoustic purist so this really was good middle ground for that scene. Actually with the active pickup it sounds better than the Gold Tone. Thru my GK MB 200, tone rolled off... it's the deepest mud there is.

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