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SOLD - Fender “Custom” Vibrolux Reverb 40-Watt 2x10” Guitar Combo


Selling my early 2000s Fromel modded Corona built Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb. I had Slemmons Music Service in Dallas install the Fromel kit.

It is as close to new as you can get, not a scratch or stain anywhere. It hasn't left my house more than 10 times and has no idea what smoke is. This thing has been covered/babied since I bought it new.

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$825 on Reverb, $700 for one of you guys. I'm not shipping so it has to be local pick up (Dallas, Texas).

As far as trades go I've had my eye on a Guild Starfire III for some time and I like the tweed Fender Blues Jr IV.

If you're near north Texas and interested let's talk

ps: it's 40 watts but holy heck this amp is LOUD when you want it to be.

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