Gretsch Garage Sale

Facebook Electromagnetic Gretsch sale


There seems to be an uptick in Gretches for sale in the Dallas FB marketplace. This is my favorite! Electromagnetic!
No relation to seller.


Damn autocorrect!

– Junior Q Man (Ryan M)

Surprised the autocorrect didn't change the seller's name from Attaway to Attaboy.


Shows up in my feed too. I thought about asking several questions. Each one would be a different rendition of wrong. “What’s the action like on your Electromagenta?” “Does your Electromajic have a case?” “What’s the back of your Electromanicure look like?” It’s be kinda fun to see how many times it’d take before they’d correct me. ;)


Well, we can't deny that the guitar is electromagnetic.

Like every other electric guitar ever made...

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