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experiment or die


Well a bit under 20 years ago I came out of a Telecaster/Vibrolux coma also of about 20 years duration -- that's all I cared about, altho there was scene before that, a big Firebird scene, especially.

Fun times were had with a pile of vintage Teles and Esquires but it was over for good.

Since then I have kept comparing/experimenting with gutiars and amps.

This is the latest group of ones that were beat in shootouts.

The Cube 01 beat this, plus I didn't need all the swirly FX. Reverb is enough. 85 shipped for dudes here


Thanks to someone here I found a 10 that is just as deep sounding as the 12 in here. So back to normal Champ cases w/ righteous builds.

500 + shipping actual for anyone here

Plus the recently revealed Phantom 9 -- one of 2 In This World. The 9 string (1/2 a 12 string scene is great, but 25.5 scale is not. $1450 shipped

Next experiment will put the 24" scale Martin against a 22.75" scale Gibson LG-2 3/4


My whole life is an experiment. Results pending.


My whole life is an experiment. Results pending.

– Bob Howard

Here here!

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