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Epiphone EB-1 bass (Korean) SOLD MAN SOLD


These came out for a little while abou 20 years ago, and most of that Epi Korean stuff is really good, this included. I'm a mudbucker fan and Korean mudbucker does the job.

Nice original shape w/ kool pole. A ltitle bit of of mayhem on lower rear as seen. A bit under 9 pounds. Has about the thinnest, slightest, narrowest bass neck I can remember.. well wait, some 60s Framus basses and real pencil necks also . Although it looks long scale, it's rare 32" medium scale which is just right for me.

These really growl w/ rounds and have a nice thumpy upright sound w/ flats. Rounds are on this one.

I have had original 1950s EB-1, the 1969 EB reissue (those were heavy as hell) and this one stacks up for a whole lot le$$. Bolt on neck, of course is one big diff. $575 shipped US


got mo pix if you want to see them.


A friend has one---very nice bass! Good luck on the sale.


Can't help but think of Felix Pappalardi when I see that. Nothing else quite like it.


Hi, i like your bass, you still have it for sale? I'm from mexico.

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