Gretsch Garage Sale

Duesenberg Multibender


Nice piece of German engineered and manufactured metal. This is $100 less than new from Germany so $175 shipped


eeeeeeeeek sorry. $175 shipped It was $275 shipped here from Germany. Should fit any solidbody with a flat top. I had it on a Rick 650 since I don't give hoot 'bout Stratz n Teles and haven't for 20 years. PM is flaky, so if no reply try rdb at pipeline dot com


How does this differ from the Bigsby Palm Pedal?


This is what they have on their lapsteels.

Wonderful to use to get those pedal steel effects.


I have one on a Gretsch lapsteel. It’s a great gadget and it always surprises me how well it stays in tune.


They have a version for lapsteel and one for solidbody guitars.


I didn’t realise there two different versions for laps and ‘spanish’ guitars. Caliban, yes, there are a few videos on the toobe, where people have fitted them on Teles.


Darn. Just saw this. These are great!

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