Gretsch Garage Sale

Downsizing Gretsch (Gibson) Collection


Wow! I'm surprised. Makes sense though.


Don't do it! If you love'em and have room, keep'em. Even if they don't get "enough" play, no one will be a better custodian.


Now that you blinked, take a few days to ponder.

Yesterday around here was "Inspection and All Cases Open"...


I'm with Proteus, we are all just good stewards for the next generation...


I know where you are coming from, Greg. There are many reasons to reduce the tonnage. I'm surprised that the famous 1955 6120 is on the list.


I'd be interested in a few of them. But I have to say I don't understand the notion that if you don't play them enough they have to go? What drives that thought? Sounds more like an impulse that you should suppress.


Surely Greg you could have a few in your office either on the wall or on stands if only for eye candy. I don't play all of mine every day but they're all in the room with me, and a couple upstairs in the bedroom. The only time one sees a case is to leave the house. If I couldn't play anymore I'd still keep them as they're works of art to me as well as fine instruments.

Great Gretsch guitars on the market and me just around the corner, but my dance card is full I'm afraid. I thought that Streamliner was getting a lot of play lately, no?


Take each of them out, play with them a while and see if you still have a desire to pass them along. If I haven't played a guitar for awhile, then I do that and fall in love with them all over again. Very rarely have I sold a guitar that I haven't regretted it.


Besides, if you sell them, what will we all gape over when you come to the Roundup, especially the 55 6120. Keep em. Commitment to keep is what drove me to have lessons--not fair not to get play time for them; but, I wasn't parting with them, either. Still can't play; but, at least I have assuaged my guilt a bit.


That Jet took over, eh?


A 295.... oh dear. Always a nice piece to have.


I've bought and sold many guitars over the years with rarely a regret, but if I had even a fraction of your fine collection I'd regret selling anyone of them unless financial need dictated otherwise. Keep em I say.


I reiterate Greg.....just because they aren't all getting playing time, doesn't mean they don't deserve 'seeing' time......out of their cases and displayed. Awful hard to get rid of a friend you exchange looks with everyday.


WOW!! That'd be damn hard to let go of any three of the '55's...don't do it!


WOW!! That'd be damn hard to let go of any three of the '55's...don't do it!

– Michael Williams

Unless you've got doubles...then, you're just being greedy.


Unless you've got doubles...then, you're just being greedy.

– crowbone



So while we have your attention, Greg, now that the Fwench Wick Woundup is likely moving to November 11-13, will you be available?


I don't know what your financial/living situation is like. None of my business. I will say that if I had the money to build and maintain the luxury of having a large studio/showroom, then I'd definitely collect and keep. That's not my personal scenario however, and I can easily understand the thinking behind maintaining a much smaller, more manageable herd. In fact, the most instruments I've ever had at one time is five guitars. I don't think I could comfortably justify a larger personal collection. Especially, since I no longer make my living playing music. I'm currently down to a must-have four (I'll discuss the reasoning behind this in an upcoming NAD thread ).

The only other thing I might add is that it's never a good idea to act/re-act on impulse when it comes to herd management. It's important to mull over any important change for at least a few days or weeks before said change. Otherwise we open ourselves up to buyer/seller remorse. But you know all of this I'm sure. Do what ultimately makes sense and feels right for you. Meanwhile, enjoy riding lookout over your herd...


Glad the Jet stays in the herd, that's one amazing guitar Greg. It's clear equal is the '55 Chet, so you gotta hang on to that one. The others I understand.


Whew!.....that was close! Our collective blood pressures can return to normal now.


Bullet dodged! I need some of those(all of them actually) for my collection but I also need food and stuff,so not having to buy them is a good thing for now!


Well, for a different take on it... I sell guitars I don't play. Mainly because i don't have the luxury of being able to afford the money or space to keep all the guitars I have bought over the years. My needs and tastes change, so do what I want in a guitar. Or amp, or FX, whatever.

But mostly, over the years I have really worked out what it is that I like to get "my sound". Different styles are fun, but really I would rather someone was playing a guitar rather than it sit unplayed in my closet. Life is too short for regrets. I hardly ever regret selling anything. I guess I'm just not a collector. I can work out if a guitar is IT or not -and if it isn't, it gets sold to someone who wants it.

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