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Dobro Dobro - Pre-War squareneck


I have this really cool pre-war (1936) Dobro resonator guitar (made by the Dobro Company, serial # A-260) for sale. It looks like its from 1936, with an aging patina like the forehead of a lovely great grandmother. But, its structurally sound and looks cool. Plays nice and sounds great. I spoke to an "authority" on such instruments (Joe Menza) and he told me these used to fetch high numbers to collectors but then that word got out, so people started pulling them out of the attic and selling them so the market softened. But he still suggested $600 - $800 was the going rate for such items in decent shape. This one is well ahead of decent and very playable. If anyone is interested, its here awaiting a new home.


Hi there! Tried contact you using the website and got the aw-nuts page...

Would you mind to drop me a line using joaoerbetta and the gmail thing?

;) Thanks!

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