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Demented Gibson single coil pickup SOLD MAN SOLD


Those 60s little Gibson single coils on lo-end stuff were pretty cool!

However, I got a recent Melody Maker as a platform for another BirdMan project, and put a Duncan Cool Rails in.

The original pickup is the thinnest, brightest, most trebly pickup I have ever heard anywhere, hands down. Makes the thinnest of the late 60's Tele bridge pickups sound like a '59 PAF in neck position with the tone control rolled off. j

So if you want zero-bottom end, spike-thru-the-brain treble tone, this is it. It's 4.75K Comes with the pots that were in the guitar. $25 shipped.


Still have this one? INterested.


PMd you. Now have the pots and knobs that go with it

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