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Classic amps for sale near Philly


Trying not to ship, so I'm looking for local pickup, please. '79 Vibrolux Reverb. Excellent. Serviced.950 Marshall 18w clone. Pro built Tube Depot kit. Minty. 850 '66 Super Reverb. Very good. Serviced. 1250 '65 Supro Thunderbolt. Excellent. Serviced. 1000 Tweed Deluxe 5E3 clone by Li'l Dawg. Custom tweed Pro cab with 15" Eminence. 650 Kendrick BadAssMan Bassman clone with reverb. Sounds as good as the real deal. 2400.

I tried to make all these prices are very fair.

Posting photos is rough here. If you're really interested, PM me and I'll send pics.


Cool amps, I wish you were in Europe!


Is this because of the vintage Bassman CC? I guess it really is that good and I'm not surprised you're moving some stuff on.


It's really that good. Still keeping some essentials and some cool oddballs that just aren't worth much. But I definitely don't need, for instance, THREE 4x10 amps!


A shout out to Charlie C. I drove home with his Li'l Dawg Deluxe today (a very cool amp!!), really enjoyed meeting him. We have a worthy seller here ... MD


Man, that Bassman clone rig sounds insane.


MD!!!! Great to meet you. So great to meet a great player and great guy when spreading the tone ;) And...yeah...if you go to the Kendrick website and read about the BadAssMan...the borderline-OCD attention to detail is crazy...150-year-old-pine, NOS Jensen speaker cones, OT designed with previously-unknown information from dissecting a real one... It's a lifetime amp...unless you're crazy enough to buy an actual vintage one ;)


Vibrolux sold. That AND the 5E3 went to TGP members! Both REALLY good players, too. For some reason, almost everything I sell on Craigslist goes to unbearably bad players.

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