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CHEAP to any kind of home: Nikon Coolpix 5000 Camera-n-Stuff


What does this have to do with Gretscheses, or even guitars?

You know, NOTHIN'. Well OK except it can take pictures of guitars and other gear.

The camera is in fine shape and works FINE. BUT you'll need a charger and batteries.

The Kastar set shown in the pic does NOT come with it, and the included original charger and batts are toast. They don't look like toast or smell like toast, but they taste like toast. Camera boss she don't do nothin' without good battery and charger.

I bought the Kastar set on Amazon for less than 20.00 to test the camera and verify it works (did I say it does? I think I did). When I listed it all on Ebay TWICE and got no response I became peeved at the world and sent the Kastar stuff back for a refund.

So here's the deal. 25.00 for the camera, case, etc. Few bucks for shipping, depending on where you are. Maybe you have a charger and batteries. You can order the Kastar or equivalent. Or you can run it off your bicycle generator.



Couldn't go to a more deserving GDPer.

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