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Brian Setzer Hotrod Flatblack G6120SHB ‘04


In good comfortable toneful shape is this Brian Setzer Hotrod Flatblack G6120SHB '04.

$1450 TVjones classic neck and classic plus bridge. custom bigbsy alum covers by Kmac. headstock signed by Fred Gretsch too haha.

Top received a relic "buckaroo" paintjob and a POW/MIA vinyl sticker adorns the back.

This is a first run from the post FMIC hotrods in the Satin black, so the neck is a lazy V but not as thin as the 90s models.

cant get pics to post so there are cross links, sorry


Evidently you have to be a member over there to view those pics.


If it's any help, I started using Imgur ( ) as my photo repository when Photobucket became a problem. Once registered for free and you've uploaded your photos there in your "gallery" (very easy, very fast), you can use the "Direct Link" copy function to put your images here (one at a time) by pasting the links here. They show up as actual photos, not links.

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So I pullled off the bigsby and put on the G cutout tailpiece the guitar came with... new price $1310 (shipping is from 92122 san diego, you pay.

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