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Black Partscaster Strat


I built this from parts, the body is a basswood full thickness body with a few dings. The neck is a slab rosewood board Squier of unknown origin and age. There is no country of origin decal. The tuners are not the usual cheap Squier ones, but appear to be re-branded Fender ones from the 80's.

The pickups are genuine Fender, they were removed from an American Strat and appear to be 57/62 series.

CTS pots, Vintage Tone capacitor (checked out fine with meter) Switchcraft output jack. The tremolo is a GFS brass block one.

The neck seems ti have a flatter profile, perhaps 12" I set the action up and it is very easy to play.

$327 plus shipping. I wll ship with the neck of to save cost it you prefer.

More pics at: https://sierravista.craigsl...

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