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BIGSBY Retrofit Solutions by TOWNER


Hey Gretsch Fans! If you've got a Gretsch Pro Jet or any Gretsch with a stop tailpiece and you are interested in putting a BIGSBY on your guitar without drilling extra holes I have the BIGSBY retrofit system that you will want.

The TOWNER DOWN TENSION BAR mounts to the stop tailpiece studs in place of the stop tailpiece and has the ability to be raised or lowered to manage your guitars string tension.

The TOWNER HINGE PLATE ADAPTOR is designed to act as a retainer with the button screw placed through the strap button lifting the strap lock button or strap button above the slot through the BIGSBY B3, BIGSBY B6 (with B3 "ex-short" hinge plate only found in my store) and BIGSBY B7 hinge plates. Enabling easier access to the strap lock or strap button and providing relief from drilling in four extra screws in your guitar body.

Strap lock buttons such as SCHALLER STRAP Locks, DUNLOP Strap Locks and GROVER Strap Locks do not fit between the slot of the BIGSBY B3 and BIGSBY B7 hinge plates. But with the very inexpensive solution of the Hinge Plate Adaptor you can install SCHALLER STRAP Locks, DUNLOP Strap Locks and GROVER Strap Locks without a hitch. Providing a flat surface for the strap lock button above the hinge plate slot for easy access and perfect fit.

The TOWNER V.BLOCK System is designed for BIGSBY B3 vibrato tailpieces to fit on LES PAUL type guitars. The V.BLOCK acts simply as a 1/2″ shim to set back the BIGSBY B3 spring cup away from butting up against the right stop tailpiece stud or left stop tailpiece stud if you have a left handed BIGSBY B3 vibrato tailpiece. The V.BLOCK allows the BIGSBY to lay properly on the guitar body.

If you have any questions you can contact me here or from the website.


the new models w the fugly V stopbar are perfect candidates for the towner tension bar and a bigsby!! Such a cool option, Chris!


the new models w the fugly V stopbar are perfect candidates for the towner tension bar and a bigsby!! Such a cool option, Chris!


Thanks Tavo, did you get my email last week?.. I responded with some questions.


I seem to remember some members here not liking the look of the Towner but as one who has considered a retro fit of a Bigsby to my eyes it's a clean look.


I put one on my gold top LP a while back and I really like it. On close inspection the block on the end of the guitar is a little aesthetically funky, but you get used to it (and nobody else probably notices, anyway). The Bigsby B3 performs waaaaaay better than the versions with a roller- it's not quite as nice feeling as a B3 straight to the bridge, but I can get the tension bar set so it puts just enough string-break over the bridge and it feels comfortably responsive. Way better than a vibramate, in my opinion!


Rad! Thank you for sharing your experience with the system. Can you post a pic of the LP?


I’ve got one on my ES-335. Works great. I almost got a vibramate, but someone pointed me to Towner and I’m very happy they did.

Hey Chris, you may want to sponsor gretsch pages becuase if it wasnt for a randon conversation i wouldnt have heard of your solution.


This is a great system. I saw it installed on Rik Emmett's Les Paul. The work was done by Mike Smith at MJS Custom Pickups near Toronto.


Chris is a great guy to deal with. Super responsive and his stuff WORKS! I have a Towner bar on one of my Ibbies and (2) more waiting to be installed on my Gretsch ProJet and another Ibby.

Here is a pic of the one installed.


I´d love to try one on my ES335, but it came equippoed with a B3 from factory and has no studs.


Lizardville.... are you sure that B3 is factory equipment? It was pretty standard that the Gibson thinlines got B7s, when they got Bigsby vibratos at all.


Pretty sure this walnut 335 came with a trapeze tailpiece from the factory.


This one has no holes from the B7, so I dont think thats this case, The trapeze option sounds more likely.


Most likely a trapeze setup and someone installed the B3. Are you having any trouble with the string setup and the action of the bigsby?

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