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My new project up in the Adirondacks. Just a summer lake camp that I was supposed to start more than a month ago but because of horrible spring rains we were put back. But I'm on it now, hence the new git.

Canada Lake just north of Caroga Lake on NY State highway # 10 in the south west Adirondack park. Real pretty country and a very quite lake with few camps and very little motor noise.


Trying to get some pics on.


Yeah I love working in the GD MUD!!! but it's really not so bad when you can sit on a dock for lunch.


I know it would most likely make you blind, but the home owners where not there today and we have no neighbors near by, so I stripped and took a swim to get the grit off of me. REFRESHING!!! Best swim I have had in a while.


Beautiful spot for a work site Chris.

Is the lake water still chilly?


I visited Lake Placid and a few other towns around there a couple of years ago. Beautiful country. Good to know what the Adirondacks where the spruce comes from look like. Would be a cool place to build a shack!


The Ausable River in Wilmington is one of my favorites to fly fish.

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