Gretsch Garage Sale

archtop passing thru

1 this 1958 Harmony Montclair. '58 the only year w/ truss rod. DeArmond added in the 60s, it would appear. Has repaired 4" crack (hard to even see) on lower back (same side as controls), and non original bridge and guard. Crazed metal trim. Plays well... gig bag. Big mello-sound. Was going to stay around longer but just found something I need more than this. $575 shipped US


I think you're running a foster home for guitars, DC!


Retro coolness to the MAX!!! You shouldn't have any problems turning this one.


This belonged for 20 years to a friend who bought it a guitar while I was right there. But then he needed some dough, so I did him a favor. He has helped me out in similar ways. I'd do bigger frets if it were keeping it. Still it is pretty cool and a decent deal I think. Tedious Japanese Dudes are putting these out way past a K which of course insures no one will buy them.

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