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Anyone looking for a Guild F-50? Philly area, prefer to not ship


I've had this for about ten years now, really beautiful sounding, stunning to look at guitar. Its huge and it sounds huge, but I jumped on a Phoenix recently and I need to let some things go. Its in pretty good condition - one small crack on the butt, bareley noticeable. There's a hole where the strap button would be and it looks like it was reamed out for a jack. I got it used in that condition and it never left my house - except to move it to my other house. Anyway, putting a little feeler out there, asking $1,500, considering offers


That's beautiful.

Too bad I can't, or I would.


Someone should. My Guild D-35 is superb. That's not a bad price for a top quality acoustic.


That's a beautiful acoustic. I can imagine it has a big sound, being completely 'opened up' now. Just out of curiosity David, what's the neck width at the nut?


It looks like 1 11/16" at the nut. Big sound, lots of bass, seems nicely balanced. The body of the guitar is a little large for me - I'm just shy of 5'6" so, picture that, ha.
Never been on letstalkguild. I might consider putting it up on Reverb eventually. I just had someone try to scam me from craigslist, sending me a fake paypal notice.


Still have this beauty, could be interested in a trade.


Still have this beauty, could be interested in a trade.

– david burch

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