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Anyone know the bracing,fret size specs of the 2004 6120?


Anyone know the bracing,fret size specs of the 2004 6120? This is the one with the single cut,FMIC body shape,Gold H/ware,Gretsch Bigsby,TOM bridge,grovers, 2.25" or 2.5" depth not sure,neo classic markers,2 toggles and only 3 knobs treble,bass volume & master volume ..thks in advance


Loztron, my 2004 6120ga has sound post bracing. That's not gospel on all models, but true of mine. As for fret size, possibly a 6150 vintage jumbo on an ebony 9.45" radius neck. Hope this helps.


Thks woodshedder. I know some 6120s also had a nitro finish but I cannot find the original specs.


Courtesy of the wayback machine:

2004 6120 Nashville

As I remember, it would have had parallel bracing with a sound post under the bridge.

IMHO the all time standard (or close) for any Gretsch guitar.



Thks so much Lee.Really appreciated.

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