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Anyone interested in a Bell 30 (Gibson GA79-RV) amp?


I was originally just passing this info along (since I have two GA79-RVT amps already.) But the owner contacted me again, was in the process of packing up his house and moving, and was about to put it on ebay. So I made the impulsive (and irresponsible) decision to drop everything, drive out to Queens and pick it up. Frank the owner had originally purchased it to play and record his bouzouki - he played for Broadway theatre, productions like Zorba the Greek and others. (He owns a really beautiful, ornate bouzouki.)

So, in checking it out, the amp was motor-boating with the volume past 7 or so. It has its original 2-prong (non-grounded) cord. The foot switch is missing but the owner will be looking for it. I got the amp home but have not yet had a chance to plug it in, open it up to look inside and check it out, take photos, etc. – which I was planning on doing before reporting back here.

Not sure if I'll work on it a bit. Paul was first to put in a request, Gretsch59 second. The amp weighs a lot, shipping anywhere will be expensive.

These are great amps. As Paul said, the second (extended) handle provides a good height for wheeling it around.


I will buy it. Please let me know if it is still available. Thanks!

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