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FS/FT: Anybody want to trade Brains? (looking to downshift)


In an attempt to cram as much as possible onto my Nano+ board, I'm thinking about downshifting from an Atomic Brain to a Dyno (preferably in one of the smaller enclosures). As much as I love love LOVE the big box brain, I don't use the Abby side and would benefit from the smaller footprint.

Mine is an Atomic is blue flake, excellent condition with one exception...a baseplate screw broke off in the hole when I foolishly overtightened it. I have the rubber feet, box, etc as well.

If you have a Dyno Brain in the smaller box, let me know! Maybe we can work something out! I'd also consider selling outright to fund getting a new one from Tavo.


How about a nice Gunnite Billy Brain?


How about a nice Gunnite Billy Brain?

– crowbone

Thanks but I'm only looking for a Dyno model.


Mark, that;ll be gone in a heartbeat on the facebook forum "Nocturne Brain Pedal Conspiracy"

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