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Anybody in the market for a nice mixer?


Peavey MD-16 16x2x1 All Analog Console Mixer for Sale or Trade

Comes with carpeted, corner-gaurded, lockable, handle-having hard case.

Shipping would be murder, but if you're anywhere near Austin, TX, and you need a sweet analog 16 channel mixer, I've got a great one up for sale/trade right now.

Asking $400 cash from people I don't know, it goes to any interested GDPer for $300, then we can figure out how to get it to you! Open to trades, but particularly interested in PA speakers, powered or passive, with no brand affinity on my part.

With the help of an ex-IBM circuit board troubleshooter, I completely stripped, cleaned, reassembled, and gave it a full testing of ALL ins/outs, pots, buttons lights and faders. It is absolutely 100% fully functional, with no issues whatsoever.


I lied, sorry guys, there is one issue:

If you look closely at picture No. 3, you will see that the Effects Pan Potentiometer is missing its little blue sticker on top. (but I did write Peavey an email today asking if I can order replacements... : )

So I guess it's really only in 99.9% condition...

Please forgive me, GDP!


Sean, I have a whole pile of those old Peavey knobs. I'll see if I have a blue one left that's in decent shape when I get home tonight.

I wish I could scoop this thing up, but shipping to Wisconsin would be cost prohibitive. I have a few friends in Austin though that are musicians and/or sound techs. I'll pass the word on. I dig these old Peavey mixers. I've used a number over the years and when they work they're great boards.


Thanks a million Ripley! I'll PM you my address in case you find one. :)

I bought this mixer out of a storage shed in San Antonio about a year ago, and when I got around to testing it in January, many of the pots and faders were scratchy, and I thought for sure it was scrap metal. My IT guy at work insisted that I bring it in, and that with his help, I tear it apart, examine the boards for damage, give it a good through cleaning, and re-assemble it. After that, another test proved that absolutely everything works! No scratching, no dead spots, all lights and buttons work, ins and outs are all flawless, it's amazing! During this mixer's downtime I upgraded to a more modern firewire mixer, and I love it. But that's no reason this board should serve someone else very well!


Just got offered a Peavey 5150 60w Tube combo in trade, any suggestions?


If you're into distortion go for it. They're great amps, but designed for Eddie Van Halen, so you get an idea of what it sounds like. James Brown designed it, so it's got to be decent, I've never heard an amp he designed that I didn't like for something. Check completed ebay listings to check the going value. The 5150 might be easier to flip if you don't like it later.


Nice board, but I got a 16 channel Mackie a few years ago that I love. Used Peavey decades ago in high school, they're tough birds, and can stand up to a lot. Austin should be a breeze to find a new owner.


Distortion isn't really my goal, being a Drummer/Bass Apprentice. But it's really for the studio and not for me personally (don't even own an electric anymore), so it will serve it's purpose for those who care for it's sound for jamming and recording. And I definitely feel like it would be easier to pass along in the future.

The truth is, I'd love to keep it. It's a helluva piece of gear, but it's just too big for my space (studio = back bedroom). I figure I can trade it for something that will be more universally beneficial to the studio, or for cash, which would more universally benefit me!

Joe, you'd sure think that a sweet, sweet mixer like this would go quick in Music Town, but so far it's generated a bunch of interest and no takers. The fella with the 5150, after trading pictures and the etc., said he loved it, but used mostly condenser mics, and needed phantom power from his mixer. Being a drummer, I too use condensers for many of my mics, and confirmed for him (and through a Peavey USA rep., just for his comfort) that as a Front of House Mixer, all XLR inputs provide Phantom Power. Never heard back.

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