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1974 Telecaseter with B16 Bigsgy


I have this up on a couple of the bigger sites but I'd really like to know who this guitar is going to. I've been a quiet member of this site for years but now, here's my squeaky little voice. After 9 years of pretending I like telecasters, It's time to let it go. My 1974 Country Club does everything I need. This is my 1974 Fender Telecaster with Bigsby. I bought this from Rumble Seat Music back in 2005. The only mods I've done are add the B16 Bigsby w/ T.O.M. bridge and changed the pickup selector since it was bad. Pickups are original. The Bigsby was installed by Bluebond Guitars in Philly. It has been shimmed properly. It looks like the original tuners might have be swapped out with Fender tuners. I see little screw holes in the headstock. Besides your normal wear and tear from being from 1974, it's a solid guitar. The action is nice and low. It's set up with 11's. It's been rarely used in the past 9 years. Mostly just used for some recording. I put it in a brand new Fender hardcase back in 2005. It's been used on maybe 3 gigs and a couple recordings in my smoke free home and studio. I'm offering a discount to forum members since There's no closing cost %'s like Ebay and reverb. I'm in the tele for about $2200. Trying to break even or close. Feel free to ask questions or ask for more pics. I'm in the Fishtown area of Philly. PayPal accepted. Thanks for looking. -Tom


Cool -- if I were still a Tele guy I'd be all over it. But it's hollowbodies only for me since around the turn of the century -- still I bet it moves fast.


I feel the same way. Once I got my Country Club, it was over!


Sharp guitar. But I need another guitar like I need another hole in the head.

I've gotta ask the weight, just so I can torture myself some more.

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