Gretsch Garage Sale

Any Elvis fans?


For sale, one Elvis music/jewelry box. Plays "Don't Be Cruel". Good condition. A bit dusty. I like it but I'm not good at taking care of this sort of thing. Make me an offer and pay shipping. What it's worth I don't know.


I don't know what it's either...but it's cool. My friends spouse "ole lady" would certainly dig it. How old is this thing?


John, I gotta have it! Offer in PM.


A jewelry box that says "Don't Be Cruel". That's funny.


Any Elvis fans?

No, who is this guy? I'm not into him. Or this Rock'n'Roll thing. Or music in general. Or even guitars. ;-)


I prefer the "fat Elvis" figurines, one where he's holding a talking hot dog instead of a mic.


Got my Elvis today, Uncle Grumpy. It's really cool.

Thank you...thank you very much.

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