Gretsch Garage Sale

Another Goodwill find.


Knobs, pickups, and the bogus thumbnails give it away. You can buy the same identical guitar cheaper elsewhere, not that you'd want to. Caveat Emptor!


I feel for the poor guy that spent this much on that. He should have asked us.


Seeing as people have to compete with the acquisition arm of Gibson Dependable if they want to do a deal like this it would be nice if people kept their mouths shut about sales in progress until after the fact!!

I thought there was an unwwritten rule about this here.

– knavel

Maybe not a rule, but I've always agreed with this sentiment. As a courtesy, if I spot a great deal or potential deal (poorly listed, seller doesn't realize what he's selling, etc.) that I'm not going after, I usually keep quiet. I'd like the person who takes the time and makes the effort to scour the webs for great finds to be the one to make the catch, versus somebody who didn't put in any effort and just happened to be alerted to it by others on a forum. Just my opinion. Others can and do think otherwise.


I think this one is a fake,right?

– Suprdave

Serial # starts with a U ,,meaning U got had.


Serial # starts with a U ,,meaning U got had.

– LA_Manny

Good one, Manny.


Well, it looks like somebody is paying attention. Yesterday this guitar was up to $860.00 and some change and now it's back down to @ $260.00

Hopefully, posting here opened someone's eyes.

That is funny, Manny.


I pity the guy bidding on This

– Suprdave

Ah man, that’s me bidding. Just kidding.


If you moved the decimal one place to the left it would still be overpriced!


I pity the guy bidding on This

Yikes! You ain't kiddin'! And where did the output jack go on that thing..?


Didn't even get dinner and drinks first.


This one is getting up there in price. Is this one really from that era?


Suprdave, this is the Real McCoy. 17.5" wide is an inexact measurement because the Synchromatic 400 was 18" at the lower bout and the Synchromatic 300 was -- if I'm not mistaken -- 17" at the lower bout. However, the split hump block inlays and multiple layers of binding on base of the guitar, the neck heel, and the body suggest to me it is a Synchromatic 400 and about $6,000 below most retails for this guitar. However, it could still be a Synchromatic 300 -- I'm just not sure without consulting the catalogs more closely and pictures I have of genuine Synchromatic 400's. I wish I were cash flush instead of cash poor at the moment because I would snap this up no matter what the price in a New York minute.


It is very pretty but has some binding issues and I didn't see a label. Hope I didn't screw this up for someone that may be bidding from here.

My apologies, if so.


Appears to be a 400 from the 40s. Based on the photos its been refinished at some point. Looks kind of recent. The patina of the tuners is a good indicator.

Its a really cool guitar. Binding is always an issue on these--but its not too bad. I think its really not worth much more than where its at now. Maybe 2500.00. The refin is a deal breaker as its good but not that historically accurate for the era.

Its certainly had some serious work done.


How's a guitar so fine wind up in the Goodwill dumpster?


John, I agree. I saw a pre war Gibson on there once and it went for tens of thousands.

I Seriously didn't think this was actually a vintage from that era so if somebody here is bidding tell me and I'll pull this post, as per previous agreements above.

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