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Ampeg GVT15-112 (SOLD)


Ampeg GVT15-112 combo with Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker. Like most folks, I swapped the stock Celestion 70/80 immediately and the Cannabis Rex really opened it up.

These amps are no longer made and are a welcome alternative to a Blues Jr or AC15. A few things set them apart, namely the 6V6 power section and the Baxendall tone stack which is much more flexible than a traditional blackface Fender-style. The tone controls are active and also have quite the effect on the breakup characteristics of the amp.

It's a great amp but I'm looking to get a tweed Deluxe clone, so things gotta go.

Comes with original box. $425 shipped.


Huh, sideways image. Bummer. Lemme see if i can fix that.

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