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A Gretschman’s Gretschs - and much more.


Well, y'know. We don't really live in a meritocracy (though the privileged like to tell themselves so). We live in a monetocracy. You don't have to deserve something, you only have to afford it.


You don't even need to afford it---this country runs on deficit spending. Have plastic, will shop.



I think at 2100 bucks it’s a pretty good deal. I have lots of credit I’m not using. I’ll probably never be able to spend 8 grand on a real 1956 Country Club. This and the Caddy Green are my favorite modern Clubs. I was in awe and fell in love when I played Zig’s in Nashville.


I may have too many guitars (for a drummer).

The pros are winning.


I may have too many guitars

I don't even know what this means.


Oh, sorry. I mean I need a bigger house.


Well, I did it. I bought the oops. I’m now a member of the Oops Club, the Country Club Club, the 17” bout Club. This is the last of my bucket list guitars (I think). Time to start a new list.



I also have too many guitars for a drummer.


Yay! I'm glad it's staying in the family! You are not going to be unhappy, and the thought of the price will fade away as soon as you hear that inimitable Dyna-big-body-sprucetop bloom.

It will be like your Dyna Jet, just BIGGER.

You might need a bigger house just for the tone.


Thanks for the encouragement, Fellas. I’m all excited. The combo of my Dyna Jet and the 1963 Deluxe (non reverb) I got from Ryan is remarkable. Never heard a better tone comming out of my fingers. Dyna-big-body-sprucetop bloom is something I’m excited about. I’m a hopelessly single coil guy now. I assume you, Tim, wrote the lengthy write-up on the Reverb ad. Nice to have a complete Proteus scribed history of my new baby.


Dang, Bob, you've really accumulated some nice gits this year! Congrats!


Thanks, Tom. I had a good year.


Congratulations, Bob! That should be a fantastic addition to your collection of guitars. Play it in good health.


Thanks, Bob. I will. It’ll go well with my 1950 Bacon Belmont and the 1954 Electro, the evolution of the Country Club. Along with my natural 5422-12 and my old Guild acoustic, I’ll be living in a house full of blondes.


I s’pose I should get a proper pickguard though the black one doesn’t look too bad, if a bit non-gretsch like. I like the Cadillac tailpiece. Not normal on a Club, is it? I think I’ll leave it as is for now. It looks great.


Bob you bought the Oops! Congrats!



Paul, you are always welcome to pop by and jam.


That pickguard compliments the pickups beautifully and the Cadillac tailpiece seals the deal. I wouldn’t change a thing. It stands out as is.


Anyone find the pick guard just a bit Gibson-ish? Maybe it’s just me.


Maybe. It just looks pickguardish to me.

I’d probably take it off completely to show more of the blonde grain that qualifies the guitar’s oopsy pedigree.


A clear plexi guard with a discreet black Gretsch logo could make a great compromise.


I vote yes Cadillac tail piece and no pickguard. I've been trying to imagine the sound in my head and it blows my mind.


Congrats Bob,that's a beauty of a Club,I'd leave it as is myself.


We’ll see how it looks in person but I might like it naked. Sascha’s notion of a see through peek-a-boo guard is titillating as well.


We’ll see how it looks in person but I might like it naked. Sascha’s notion of a see through peek-a-boo guard is titillating as well.

As we're discussing a blonde guitar, I just want it on the record that I'm not going there!

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