Gretsch Garage Sale

A few for sale


I've got a few Kustom painted geets I'm putting up for sale. All prices include shipping and I'm open to offers....

First up is the Clint Eastwood/ good bad ugly poncho Gretsch anniversary. Other than the paintjob this is a stock 2013 anniversary with hi lo trons. Asking $1100 which also includes a Gretsch case and brown Levi's strap


Next up is a 60s Univox hi flier bass in Mexican blanket motif. I got this with one pickup and with a hacked up neck pickup cavity so I decided to make the custom pickguard to hide the hackedupness and leave just the one pickup. It can be made to run two pickups if you desire. The neck also seems to have had cracks over the years but they are repaired solid. There is some buzzing so this will need a set up. Asking SOLD


Pic with strings and in the sun showing off the beautiful paintjob


And finally another Univox hi flier bass. This one is a 70s model done up in lime gold flake with red and magenta Kustom. This one does have a crack in the body on the lower treble side but it's stable. Also has some buzz so may need a set up as well. Other than that it's a fun little bass with nice playability. Sold


Dang I"m relatin to that Annie -- but back in reality I gotta get property tax paid by end of month.


I hear ya.. if I had the means I'd probably keep one of the Univox basses.


Bump... offers will be considered


AOL won't accept my email. I'd like the one pickup bass. please contact me about price and payment.



Mexican blanket Univox sold. Others are still FS


Both Univox basses are sold. Anniversary is the only one left... $900 shipped


Dude - I don't even PLAY bass and I want(ed) them


That Annie is incredible!!

Remind me - Did the 2013's have ML bracing, sound post or something else?

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