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60’s Gretsch Corvette body and neck


Since I don’t foresee finishing this project any time soon, I’ll pass it on to who has the time. This is a 60’s body from that massive find of Astro jet and corvette bodies. I’ve had a neck built for it, glued on and set for the pieces to be added. Neck has a 12” radius, neck shape is a C, feels very close to my 6128 Jet. The body is great shape, no dents just needs to be sanded and finished. $450 shipped in North America


Sweet -- what frets were used? Good call on the 12" radius.


The frets I don’t remember the exact size. They aren’t vintage, they are bigger similar to say Gibson type fret wire. They feel similar to ones on a Les Paul. I don’t like tiny frets so I asked for bigger ones

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