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55 6182 Gretsch Corvette Project F/S


Selling as a project as it will need a neck re-set and is missing the pickup. 1/4" string height on the 12th fret. Nut could be raised and a new bridge could be lowered to give you better action, but you'll need a neck reset eventually.

Comes with a non-original vintage rubbish-omatic bridge. Mix of new and vintage parts: New knobs, SS repro pickguard bracket and hardware. Upper bracket is vintage with a mix of hardware. New CTS 500k split shaft pots with weird but functional P-T-P wiring. Tailpiece in excellent condition, pickguard is in good shape. Slight binding gap at the neck seam. Slight divoting in the fretboard in the upper positions. Old refret is low with some flat spots. I've had it strung with 11's for over ten years and the neck situation hasn't changed at all.


Oops. Sorry about the sideways. Has the square adjustable truss rod which works great. It came with a Dearmond 2K/flatback which sounded good and I put in a vintage white bobbin DeArmond which sounded better. It sounds good acoustically too, much better than a '56 New Yorker I once had.

I call her "Old Number Eight" as on the inside back there is a large "8" with a slash mark underneath done in white chalk or grease pencil sometime before construction.


The neck heel situation.


The Waverly tuners and hardware, as well as the trc with hardware are all original to the guitar. Tuners a bit creaky but hold tune fine; no cracks in the white plastic. Top right of the headstock overlay is lifting off but could be easily reglued.

I was hoping to hang onto this but can't bind with the 25" scale. Back finish has buckle rash but is glossy from use. Back of neck is worn with use, too. The top and sides are hazy but could be buffed out to a gloss. No case. $295 plus $50 shipping to CONUS. AK and HI will be higher. Sorry, due to CITES and the redwood board I can't ship to Canada.


I haven't figured out the pm function and emailed Bax to school me. Hope to get back to you tomorrow.


Hi, replied to your test email. Post here if it doesnt arrive on your end. Thanks.

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