Gretsch Garage Sale

5-String Bass, Cordovox Leslie cab, 4-channel tube overdrive & more…


Gotta move these refrigerators, gotta move these color TeeVeeze.

Can't imagine a better price on a better 5-string bass, in hardshell case. If you gotta go low, this is a killer thumper for this money. (Less for you.)

And here's a dandy genuine rotating speaker in a tote-friendly guitar size.

Really and truly, this 4-channel T-Rex SpinDoctor twin-tube drive preamp could be all you need - and I have it priced pretty aggressively already. (It's big. But it has motorized knobs!)

Need a 31-channel mixer cheap?

32-channel church-worthy mixer with loads of bells and whistles (and a problem):

Additional discount for GDP deal. Questions, interest, let me know...


I am not in the market but I love the descriptions.


Those Cordovox Leslies are as good as the Leslie 16 or 18 for guitar. Fender Vibratone was just a rebranded Leslie 18 since CBS owned Fender and Leslie.. and it was marketed as a Rhodes accessory. I did have a Cordovox until in the 90s.


Yes, it's really ideal for guitar. The smaller speaker makes it much more focused - and it breaks up easily in just the right way. As I say in the ad, there's something about the sound of a real rotating speaker that just can't be duplicated in a pedal or any other way.

They'll sound the same recorded - but not if you're in the room with it. In that way, it's a very self-indulgent effect. The complex swirl just can't be rendered in its full 3-dimensionality when emulated.

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