Gretsch Garage Sale

2017 6128t Duo Jet for trade or sale….?


I have a two month old 6128t from Rocky at StreetSounds. It’s awsome. HS Filters, black, hardcase. All is wonderful.......virtually new.

I’d be willing to trade for Hot Rod. Any other offers cash or trade, pm me!


P.S. OH - and while I’m more of a lurker here, I have been on Gretsch-Talk for years where I post far too often. ;)


Asking $1699 PPl’d(friends and family please, or add 3%)and SHIPPED in the US.

Save a bunch hundreds on a new Duo Jet!


Nice guitar TSims and a good price. I for one can vouch for you being one serious Gretsch cat and a good guy! I'm over on the other site too and enjoy your frequent posts.

Good luck on the sale!

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