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2012 Rickenbacker 660/12 SOLD MAN SOLD


I wonder if this thing has ever been played. Actually it has a flatwound set of electric 12 strings... if that's factory Rick, then it's original strings. Has all untouched case candy. Will get some more pix in a while. $1950 shipped


My goodness! That is one beautiful guitar!


OK if I come by and give it a play sometime? As you know, I live 5 min. away on Pooks Hill Rd. and I am a likely customer. PMed.


Why are you selling it? I thought that you just discovered Rickenbackers and were enthused about them?

NOTE: For everyone who complains about narrow fretboards and how Rickenbackers are unplayable, this is your guitar. This one has the wider fretboard.


I had a 660/6 and will testify the neck is nice and wide - 1 3/4 vs 1 5/8.


If I had the $$$ it would be getting sent to you for that Rick....oh the GAS.


Toasters and all, Sweet Ride


I was watching a great documentary on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on Netflix last night, and there were Rickenbackers a-plenty. This is similar to Mike Campbell's (the one built at the same time as George's 330-12), except the 660 has the wider fretboard.

Wish I could afford it - good luck with the sale!


It's great w/ wide neck and all that coolness but the low frets are killing me. i swear the frets on my 650 6 string are taller. I wish they would make a 650 12 w/ the buckers.

Actually the dough for this will fund a ruby red 650C

Plus- jangle/schmangle... for 12 I GOTTA HAVE BUCKERS and so the recent ES 335-12 reissue that also now has a 1 3/4 neck width is the target.

Bob Howard... my PM is tostada, so check in rdb AT pipeline DOT com.

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