Gretsch Garage Sale

2012 6120 SSU-GR Setzer


I'm selling a fantastic 2012 6120 Setzer SSU-GR. These are very few and far between, and I'd say this one is in mint condition. Everything is stock and nearly immaculate. It looks like it hasn't been played, honestly. I bought it through Reverb probably a month ago and played it maybe 3 times. It's an absolutely incredible guitar. The green flame is beautiful, tight, consistent and so unique. It will come with the original case and all documentation, as well as the strap lock ends and extra knobs to replace the dice if you want to do so. Please let me know if there are any questions. $2100 S&PP here. Thanks!

More pics here:


Great Seller and all around good guy. Alan and I have done quite a few deals together.

– Joe Desperado (aka: Jack Daniels)

Thanks a ton Joe! Glad to see you around here!

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