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2009 G400SB acoustic archtop with 1940s or 50s DeArmond Rhythm Chie…


Very clean sunburst non cutaway G400 with 40s or 50s Rhythm Chief. Solid pressed spruce top, X bracing (I looked, and the Gretsch website is wrong.) Flame maple back and sides. The inside is just as flamey as the outside, but I think it's probably laminate.

The DeArmond just clamps on near the bridge, so no holes have been added.

17" body, 25.5" scale. Neck feels like the only modern Falcon I've tried.

No deep scratches, dents or dings, only the tiny, hard to photograph fingertip "micro scratches" in the surface and pickguard. Played some, but shows virtually no wear.

DeArmond works and sounds amazing, with only a little scratchiness in the pots that clears up after a few turns of the knobs. The bracket that connects the control box to the clamp looks like a cobbled up replacement, but the rest is really clean.

$1000 for the guitar and $550 for the pickup shipped.


The other side of coolness.


A question----what does the rhythm switch do?


Kind of a mud switch or Jazzmaster rhythm switch type thing. Fairly subtle, though. Kind of hard to describe, but it just seemed to take a little edge off.


A question----what does the rhythm switch do?

– wabash slim

I thought you'd never ask.


I own a 2013 version of this guitar. If you've had you heart set on buying one, you probably won't find a better value in the future.



Beautiful guitar Sir!

If you lived in the UK,i'd have given you a Grand for that in heart beat....minus the pickup!


I thought you'd never ask.

– JBGretschGuy

Not quite the answer I was looking for.


Still available and I'm willing to separate the guitar and pickup.


Bump with price reduction.


Still here. Guitar $1000.


/ironically my hotrod has not sold yet either, otherwise this guitar would be mine. I've wanted one of these for a very long time.

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