Gretsch Garage Sale

2005 Tennessee Rose 6119-1962HT For Sale


I'm moving to Germany. I mainly play my baritones now, so I'm selling this. Local pick up only. Made in the Terada Japan Factory in 2005, it's equipped with HiLo-tron pickups and a rocking bar bridge. I gigged with it for about a year, but it has spent most of its life in it's case in a climate controlled house. Comes with the case. $1,350 and I'll throw in the adjustable saddle bridge.


Those are wonderful guitars, and looks like someone will get a great deal. best of luck with the sale.


What Journeyman said. I love mine and it is a 2005 also. A few of us have 2005s.


Ditto everything said above. Mine is also 2005 and it plays and sounds beautifully. Nothing sounds like it!

That is a very nice price!


Damn, I've been wanting a HiLo Tenny for awhile, but I live about 60 miles north of Seattle.

That's about a grand less than the G6119T-62 that I've been lusting after.

Good Luck with the sale!


Aye,i've been wanting one too,but i'm 3,763 miles away!

All the best with it sir,someones going to get a great deal.

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