Gretsch Garage Sale

2003 Nashville Classic For Sale $1350 plus shipping


Hello- I have to admit straight away that I only joined the pages to list this guitar for sale.

I made an impulse buy on Reverb last week from a fella that took my low ball offer. I don't typically do that sort of this but I was very curious about this model and had just sold a vintage 335 and had money to "burn." It is a fantastic instrument no doubt but it made me realize how much I love my L4 and having just had a second kid I can't keep guitars hanging around in cases.

Ok, so . . . I just want to sell this for what I got it for plus shipping. There was a fair amount of oxidation on the frets that I got off but it needs a set up and fret dressing for sure. Original hard shell case included. I'll put some pics in a drive folder.

My Reverb shop is Detroit Folk Workshop. My personal webpage is and my music school is

I'm not looking to list it on Reverb because I just want to break even and move it out. I'll put it up on CL and Marketplace next week. Thanks!

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