Gretsch Garage Sale

PRICE DROP - $1499! Today Only. 2003 Gretsch Nashville 6120DC Dyna …


Apprehensively getting rid of this one, but I know it's the right and responsible choice as I'm getting my 1969 6120DC repaired.

12" Radius. Frets and neck are in excellent shape. No repairs or issues. A rarer FMIC example built in the Dyna Gakki factory in Japan, which seems to be a bit lighter weight, more resonant and slightly slimmer body depth than that of most of the Gretsch Proline series, which are mostly made in the Terada factory. The HS Filters really sound incredible! (I decided to swap out the TV Classics and install into my 2007 model, as I already have HS Filters in my Panther) Setup with DR Tite Fit 11s, plain G, and added a bit of bow rosin to keep the bridge base in place. Sounds and plays amazingly. Comes with original Gretsch Hardshell case.

No trades at this time.

More pics at

Asking $1750 shipped.


PRICE DROP: $1499 + 50 shipping. Today 4/13/18 only! Was asking $1750 shipped.


Thank you, Jonathan, for not deleting this thread just because you sold it. It offers valuable information for others who may be interested in selling or buying a similar guitar.

And congratulations on your sale!


Thanks. It sold for what I was asking here. A bit less than what I had hoped to make but I think the used market has really been tough for when you're selling, but great for when you're buying, so I shouldn't complain

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