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SOLD! 1979 Princeton Reverb AA 1164 specs - $950


This arrived in a home-made head cabinet and was a boost model. I built the replica cabinet out of pine with a solid-core baffle board and a 12" Eminence Legend 1258/

The Boost circuit has been completely removed and the circuit has been retro'ed to AA1164 specifications. I had some original Fender Blue tone caps in stock that checked out fine and installed them in the amp in place of the brown turd ones.

I also has a bias adjustment pot installed.

The capacitors all check out fine and the Filter cap can was replaced recently before I received it.

No disappointments, all this for just about the price of a reissue.

$950 plus shipping


Very nice. I have a Deluxe Reverb of similar vintage that has had similar mods, an Executive and a Bronco amp, none of which are getting the work that they need and want, and I still want this amp. Someone else, please buy it quickly.

Hi, I'm Don and I'm a gearaholic!


By boost you mean that pull pot volume control that maybe started around 1978 on some silver panel models? I recall it stole reverb gain, and reverb went all to hell when volume control was pulled out. Nice looking amp here.


I almost forgot. The PT appears to have the 240V option too.


The Winnie built Princeton reverb that I have is righteous!


That's a sweet score! Someone better grab this! If I hadn't just traded for a '67, I would myself!


Well I sold it in less than 5 hours on the TDPRI


I'm not surprised at the quick sale. Princeton Reverbs are super hot right now, and hard to find under a grand. Congrats!

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