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1978 Gretsch Roy Clark Model 7683


Just got an email from Joe Spann at Gruhn. His wording is:

"We certify the instrument described below is, in our opinion, a Gretsch Roy Clark prototype model electric guitar, made in the year 1978."

He also says:

"Upon examination, we note that this guitar appears cosmetically and structurally to be in excellent condition."

"Current market value: $7,500 (seven thousand five hundred dollars)"

There is a long description that I won't put up because of the size but if anyone wants to see it, let me know and I'll put it up or email it to you. Of course, they specify that they have not examined the guitar but are going by pictures.

I may put it on ebay when I can figure out how to do it properly with a reserve of $7500 and see what happens.


Roy Clark playing the Gretsch Roy Clark RC#2.

I don't know how to put a video on like Lee Erickson did.


You can see that RC#2 has music notes as fret markers and a badge on the headstock. Otherwise they are identical.

They also do not show a close up of the Gretsch logo on the headstock. I think Roy and Gretsch had parted ways by then.

I wish I could play like that.


That's the same 1994 calendar that we're talking about Art Wiggs certifying that the '56 Chet Atkins Jet conversion in a separate thread. Small world.


I don't know anything about Art Wiggs except that I met him once at his house. Just relieved that there's no problems with the RC.


tjjohnzz, if you're interested in giving some Gretsch lovers a chance at buying before putting her up on ebay, post some more pics and a price. You may be able to sell it here before it goes to the bay.

– Suprdave

That applies to the Princess also... ebay+paypal bite is 14%, pretty sure


There is an ebay calculator you can use. For ebay and paypal the fees are right at 13% (10% ebay and 3% paypal). The sold price to recoup $7500 is around $8650. Can it be bid up above $8650 or even 9 or 10K or more? I will admit that I paid more than $7500 for it. I'm not in any hurry so I can think about it for a while. If anyone wants more info and pictures email me at with Gretsch Roy Clark in the subject line.


I'm surprised with it's rarity and artist affiliation, it isn't worth more but what do i know.


"I don't know how to put a video on like Lee Erickson did."

You done good!

The secret seems to change from time to time, but for now, just drop the text for the youtube URL locator in your message and good things should happen.



Maybe it's because I was born in the mid 70's, but I love the "ugly" Baldwin Gretsches This one is really cool with the V shaped headstock. It seems to be really thin ? Thinner than the Super Axe ?


The thing is, this isn't one of the ugly Baldwin Gretsches. This, the Super Axe, and the Super/Deluxe Chet were all great looking designs.


I would be tempted to enlist the assistance of a high-end shop in selling this guitar (unless you are satisfied with an offer from a GDP-er).

Sure, you'll pay them a commission for their efforts. But I would expect them to get a higher price than you can via an ebay listing.

Mr. Gruhn is one possibility, and is another, just to get you started.

If you're determined to sell it yourself, should have lower commissions than ebay. 3.5 percent for Reverb (capped at a max of $350, according to what I just read), plus about 3 percent for paypal.

Good luck with your sale, that's a unique guitar!


Thanks for the info. I'll look into them and post when and where I list it.

I want to thank everyone for your comments and suggestions. I wonder who owns the RC2. Could be in Roy's estate.


tjjohnzz -- what exactly is the control layout of the guitar????


The controls are same as Super Axe. At the Top of this picture is the master volume The two knobs top left are the phaser blend and rate knobs. Switch below and to right of Master Volume is the phaser on/off switch. Below that is the tone knob then below that is the compressor on/off switch. Opposite that is the sustain knob.


I am going to put this Gretsch Roy Clark up for sale in October with Greg's Guitars in Daytona Beach. Until then I will entertain offers if anyone is interested. The 1964 Princess that is next to the Roy Clark in the calendar photo is for sale also.

Please look over these pages "1978 Gretsch Roy Clark Model 7683" to see pictures and other information on the guitar.


The 1964 Princess, SN#46604 is for sale. It has been refinished with the back pad removed. The tuners were replaced with the art deco style that are on other Gretsch's but there were holes left on the rear (bad move). The electronics, pickup, knobs, bridge and tailpiece are in good, shiny condition so they may have been replaced. There are a few cracks in the finish where screws are. The strap knob next to the neck is broken but I have it.

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