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1966 Vibro Champ Amp, fresh service, Telefunken 12Ax7s


Not being cheeky, but shouldn't that have an 8 ohm speaker? Is it okay to have a 4?


I don't know if the original speaker was reconed or if it is original (looks pristine) but it did not provide the efficiency/volume of the new WGS speaker. It made a huge difference and I was never a big fan of the 8" Oxford.

Thanks for looking!


You could have Mojo make a new baffle and stuff a 10 in that thang.


Totally. I thought it was sold on ebay but a cold-foot bidder cancelled his bid days into the auction. Great...haha. So its all boxed up still and ready for a new home. Hope all is well DCBirdMan.


Yes, all is well. Just minor gear projects @ this point, and usually something for sale.


Still have it, all boxed up and ready to ship. PM if interested.


$950 shipped CONUS


$875 plus shipping. Trades considered.


Offers welcome. Bump


The Vibro-Champ is such a nice little amp. Grab and go and tone for ages! This one looks like a beauty.


$800 plus actual shipping. Can get a good estimate if you send me an address. Thank you.


Hey man congrats -- it always takes a while even to move cool stuff.


Hey man congrats -- it always takes a while even to move cool stuff.

– DCBirdMan

Thanks. Good ole' BTW, I dig that Pathfinder you just listed, another cool one but trying to refrain Someday I strive for a vintage AC15 or AC10.

The Vibro Champ made it to North Carolina the day before Florence hit, in fact had to be picked up by the buyer after USPS stopped delivering during the event. Its funny how it all works out, I checked my email after I got a call from an auction advising me my left bid on another USA Stratocaster was the winning bid and I had a notice saying the Vibro was bought and paid for! Thanks again.

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