Gretsch Garage Sale

1965/early 66 Vox Pathfinder


Yes the kool tube model. A Vibro Champ killer. Details are here.

Was expertly opened up by Powdog who's patiently put up with my distaste for 8" speakers for some time now. But I got Really Old last week so sort of slowing down with amps.

But some of you know, when I get really eaten up with something (amp or guitar )I usually get two of them, get 'em both tweaked up and then compare/shoot out, and keep one and sell the other. Eventually one of the two Rick 650 guitars will go in a similar scenario.

Being a clean player, the one that was louder and more distorted had to go. I kept the cleaner sounding one. This one has the most brain-rattling tremolo anywhere -- of the 6 or 7 tube Thomas amps I have had.

$500 shipped -- can't really think of any trades unless there are some cosmetically clean Magnatone 213s or 410s out there somewhere that this could be a down payment on.

Who knows what kinda shape PM is in these days-- can be reached direct if you don't hear back.

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