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Still looking for the correct 1955 6120 Waverly tuner bushings/ferrules please. Anyone got any please? Also originally aluminium nut if possible. Many thanks. Stay safe.


Setzer made some repros, I believe.


Thank you for the reply. Would like original please.


Here’s my repros. I don’t know how many I have left(not many).


If you're insisting on vintage (I don't think I could tell the difference from Setzer's), these look like they may have been gold at one time. If not, any jeweler should be able to plate them. Just tell them to use the thinnest layer possible, and then strip them before returning them to you.


Thanks for your reply. I have seen those ferrules and he only has nickel,he said they look different in the picture.


But gold ones are over nickel. It would cost very little to have them plated. If they're to shiny, relic them.


Have asked platers here in UK and they said to small to do.


Have asked platers here in UK and they said to small to do.

– BBB64

I had a set of vintage Waverleys, a pickguard bracket and strap locks gold plated when I did my Anniversary/6120 conversion.

A chap in Cardiff did it for me. If you want to PM me, I can give you his contact details.


I think I have a set of those somewhere, you're welcome to them however I took them off a '59 6120 because the ferrules were not the super thin type like some. I removed them because the tuner holes were buried too low, an issue with the headstock thickness perhaps, who knows.

They might fit your situation —I'll look around later today.

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