Gretsch Garage Sale

1955 Jaguar tan Streamliner


Need to move some stuff this month. This 1955 Streamliner is a great guitar. Plays wonderfully and sounds great as you would expect. Neck is right and solid. Action is low. Frets are worn but still plays well. All original. Pickguard left some discoloring but would be covered with a new guard.

Looking for $1600 shipped.


Dang, that's a beauty. Clean, simple and classy.


What's the depth of the body?


Deitzel at hotmail . Com if interested. I can never see my messages here.


These are TONE MONSTERS. Basically the same build as the Clipper I gave away (to my brother to repay a debt of gratitude from years gone by, no regrets).

Damn’, I wish I was in the market, good luck with the sale.


This is a dream guitar of mine. I wish there was someway, somehow but wrong time of year



– chris deitzel

Glad to hear it. I was sorely tempted. I've been itching fo one of these for a while and that was a good price.

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